About Us

Remnant Radar was developed by stone industry professionals, operating a family business with a combined work experience of over 100 years. Remnants have always been a part of the stone business. Managing them in an efficient manner was our goal, it is not only good for business but for the environment as well. Effective use of remnant material creates a win/win for the buyer and seller. For many years we developed and managed a system that inventoried our own remnant material. Now through the use of smartphone technology we are able to take this system to the next level. We have created an intelligent smartphone app that combines with a web portal to list and locate remnants through our online community. Buyers and sellers communicate directly to make their own deals. There are NO commissions. Sellers pay a small subscription fee based on their choice of plan: either monthly, quarterly or annually. Buyers can use Remnant Radar for free.

Seller account:

The Seller is a stone professional, either distributor or fabricator who has the need to manage their remnant or excess inventory. Sellers are able to add employees to their account and approve employee listings before they go live. Using either the smartphone app and/or website interface, the Seller posts their remnant inventory to the Remnant Radar community database. Other community members search the postings based on their desired criteria to find suitable remnants. There is even an option to “Broadcast” a desired remnant need to other users in the event that the user is unable to find what they are looking for within the database.

Buyer account:

Buyer accounts are free to use. Buyers can search through the remnant postings and contact the seller directly. We feel this is best since buying remnants typically involves more than just the purchase of the remnant - such as fabrication and/or logistics. Buyers also have the option to “Broadcast” their remnant needs if they are unable to find a suitable match in remnant postings.


  • Simple easy to use interface allows remnants to be posted in seconds.
  • Sellers can add employees to their account
  • Separate categories for slabs and tiles
  • Print a label, with QR code right from your remnant page
  • Scan the QR code off of the label to access that record.
  • Ability to make individual remnants private, viewed only by members of your organization.
  • Tag favorite remnants for later use.
  • Block sellers whose remnants you don’t want see.
  • Favorite Seller search.
  • Broadcast to let other members know what you are looking for.
  • Ability to add a bin location to quickly locate remnants within your shop
  • Optional additional fields for brands and part numbers
  • Free trial for Seller accounts with no credit card required
  • Buyer account is always free